What Is The Best Way To Earn Money Online?

What Is The Best Way To Earn Money Online? 6 best ways to make money online

“Never depend on single income” is a famous quote by one of the top 10 wealthiest persons in the world. None other than Warren Buffett, in practical terms, is true to a certain extent. Further, the earlier you start earning, the better fortune you get. You can find numerous ads about earning sources online, like the lottery, typing jobs, etc. but are they all real? Well no.

In this digitalized world, students to employees all look for a side income to make their living better. And many scammers use this emotion of others to make their life better by scamming innocent people. 

Even if you are among those people who are in search of genuine online income sources, no worries; we have covered it for you. This blog will for sure provide you with a lead to an income source by the end of it. Keep reading for the 6 best ways to earn online.

6 Best Ways To Earn  Money Online 

  1. YouTube channel

If you want to make money while sleeping, I suggest YouTube! It is the best option, and several reasons make it on our list.

YouTubers make revenue through ads which display in their videos. Now a question arises: how to start generating income through YouTube?

Every YouTube login account gets a channel attached to it. And this channel is further used to upload your video content with the primary goal of getting engagement and subscribers.

After uploading content, you have to get your account monetized to start generating revenue. 

However, one has to complete the initial target of 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time to get the account monetized.

YouTube isn’t a quick money-generating source, but once you get the right audience, this converts to a reliable income source. Hence, one must constantly work with patience to make money.  

  1. Freelance job

Freelancing is getting widely adopted among people these days, as it is a skill-based independent job and not based on traditional employment and education. We can say that, in freelancing, you are your boss. You aren’t employed in a particular firm to finish up work with lots of pressure. Instead, you can take projects from various companies and clients online at your convenience and decide your work timing.

You can choose any work like designing, content writing, web development, photography, etc. Freelancing is remote work where you can work from home while traveling and sitting in a cafe because you don’t have to go to the office. According to a survey, 30% of freelancers quit their full-time jobs to work as freelancers.

You can choose your work as part-time or full-time and decide your rates related to your work. There are many websites and Social networking sites, like Upwork, freelancing.com LinkedIn, etc., through which you can get clients for your work.

And additionally, Freelancing requires only essential equipment like an internet connection and  PC to start your work.

  1. Sell your pictures online

This is an easy and efficient trick if you are a photographer or an artist. And this technique can help you to easily earn extra income by just uploading your pictures on the right website. But how?

There are various websites online, like Adobe Stock, Shutterstock, etc., which allow users to upload their images online. And whenever these images are bought or downloaded by any business or blogger, the owner of the picture gets a fixed amount of profit share from the website.

Additionally, few websites also offer copyright to the owner. Which means you can sell your work without losing ownership. However, all sites have eligibility criteria to pass before uploading or earning a penny by selling their pictures.

  1. Online Tutor  

The internet has removed geographical boundaries for education because it has shifted from traditional classrooms to other environments. This scenario was experienced during the COVID-19 pandemic.

And you can take advantage of this by creating an online course or teaching students online. You can make videos explaining your subject or topic and edit them, then further upload the complete course on udemy or other platforms to earn by selling them.

Besides this, you can also create your YouTube channel and upload your tutorial videos. And this can help you to generate a good side income along with your 9 to 5 without everyday effort.

Apart from this, you can also be an online tutor of your expertise subject. It would help if you had well-documented notes, good presentation skills, and good enough to use computers and software. Then comes the point of how to conduct class, then Google meet and other similar software can ease your work efficiently.

  1. Online influencer

Nowadays, social media has become an inalienable part of daily life. Social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook gain thousands of users daily.

People spend time on Instagram by seeing and liking other people’s posts. In contrast, there’s another category of people known as influencers who use Instagram to make money.

The influencer is an Instagram account holder with a large audience or followers. Who use their mass audience to promote, review and recommend products to their audience in return for money from businesses. Additionally, they also earn money through affiliate marketing.

Currently, Instagram reels are in trend, and influencers use sponsored posts here and receive a handsome amount of money. According to a report, 65% of companies agreed that their sales were boosted by approaching influencers. 

However, being an Instagram influencer isn’t overnight work; you have to work hard, follow trends, and make engaging content to be eligible for sponsored products. 

  1. Test Websites and apps

If you are looking for a source of income just for pocket money, this is best for you. No matter which business or category a website or app comes from, user experience matters the most to them. And that is where websites like  Usertesting.com, Enroll, etc. Come to the rescue.

These sites hire online users to test and review various websites and apps in return for $10 on each review. These websites are open to all. However, one must give tests and have a PC and a good internet connection to continue. One review may require 20 to 30 minutes, and suppose you review three apps in 1 hour. You get $30, which isn’t a bad deal.

Author’s Note:-

In my opinion, if you are a student looking for extra income and the answer to “What Is The Best Way To Earn Money Online.” Then I would mainly suggest you freelance. 

Freelancing isn’t rocket science if you are sure about your skill and time. Once you are ready with your talent and portfolio, you should learn cold pitching and networking to get well-paying clients. However, everything seems impossible until it’s done.


In today’s blog, we discussed 6 ways to Earn money online, and I tried to cover the easiest and most convenient way for beginners. The internet has made things easier for people, from learning something new to earning something new.

But what made everything complicated is that the internet is open source for all. Hence, if you are looking for an earning source with less competition, then it’s like finding a needle in the hay. We hope we answered your question before wrapping up the blog.

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