Is graphic designing hard? A quick beginner guide

Is graphic designing hard?

As the world is growing digitally the method of sharing and hosting content has also developed very much. Now people prefer to understand information through pictures in a short creative way rather than looking for thousands of words to just know about one minor thing.

And this is the place where graphic designing enters. It has successfully changed people’s perspectives on content. From famous brands to financial information, everyone uses graphic designing to present their data in an easy, creative, and time-saving format. Hence, if you are looking forward to entering the vast market of graphic designing then you are at the right place. Let’s dive into the quick graphic designing guide.

What is graphic designing?

The first thought which flashes in our mind when we listen to graphic designing is a creative advertisement, posters, informative pictures, book covers, social media posts, logos, etc right? Certainly, these examples are right but not an entire picture of Graphic design.

Graphic designing is a profession in which individual plans and projects ideas and information with the help of textual and visual content. Or you can say that graphic designing is a way of communicating and presenting information visually and creatively. 

From a simple logo to complex website design everything comes under the roof of graphic design. In this era, you can find the use of Graphic designing everywhere from politicians’ event banners to rand promotion campaigns.

Graphics design is not limited to only marketing and visual communication. Graphic designing is also used in the context of showing artistic skills and expressions. And has a great influence on creating brand awareness, producing sales, and spreading information.

Is graphic designing hard?

Is graphic designing hard? And the simple quick answer is No! Well, this is a common question to click in your mind when you are deeply interested in making a career in a new subject or entering a new profession. As mentioned before, graphic design plays a vital role in marketing and brand awareness. Hence, it would make you doubt yourself. No worries, we are here to simplify everything for you. Graphic designing is not as hard as it seems. You just need to be passionate, creative, and constant about learning it. As you know everything seems difficult and impossible until we do it. 

When you begin with graphic designing you should be excited and enjoy the process. And take graphic designing as your hobby and passion rather than a job or profession for a better outcome and joyful journey.

Moreover, the internet has made things much easier now you can use numerous tools and tutorials to be a good designer in very less time. Besides this, you can also take education from any University which takes 4 years, or any other courses which may take a few months or weeks to complete.

Once an individual gain important skills and knowledge of graphic designing they can build their portfolio and start freelancing which not only gives experience but can also generate minimal income. Let’s not go further and discuss important skills one must have to start graphic designing.

What skills should a graphic designer have?

Every profession requires certain skills to accomplish the goal and bring out the best at the table. The same with graphic design is an important skill an individual must have to be a good graphic designer and grasp the career quickly.

  1. Creative mind:- This is obvious and as

mentioned before creativity and graphic designing go hand in hand.

Being a graphic designer you must be creative enough to develop new and original ideas on the same common topics. 

Besides this, you should be creative enough to create multiple graphics on the same topic creatively and innocently. And you should also make sure that the content is eye-catching and accomplish the main goal.

  1. Visual communication:-  The use of 

Visual elements like signs, flow charts, illustrations, etc to communicate or convey ideas and information are called visual communication.

Graphic design rotates around this skill. The designer should have good communication skills not just verbally but even visually.  An ideal Graphic design includes the combination of visuals with simple texts to convey the information easily and elegantly.

  1. Typography:- What if I say you have 

been practicing typography for a long time but never noticed it? Yes, you have been.  The skill of arranging letters and texts in an eye-catching, clear, and appealing way is called Typography.

You would have realised that you practise this every day. Graphic designing is a combination of visuals and texts. Hence, you should be in typography to keep it good, clear, and easy to read.

  1. Technical skills:-  Graphic design is 

not just about arranging visuals and texts. An individual must also have some important technical skills. As of now graphic designing is entirely about using the right software at the right time to give the perfect results.

The essential technical skills in graphic designing include coding and good experience in using graphic designing tools like Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and UI, Ux, and sketching software.

  1. Persistence and patience:-  Graphic 

design is a never-ending course. As with time trends and needs change. And graphic designers should adopt the habit of growing and learning continuously. And get comfortable with the changes and be innovative about it. Hence, graphic designers should keep patience to understand the trend and be persistent in their careers.

Scope and quick steps to start a career as graphic designer

If you’re thinking about demand in graphic design then let me tell you Graphic designers  have great scope in this digitally active world. You can find graphic designers connected in mostly all sectors like marketing, web designing, advertising, and more.

The recent statistics from the US Bureau of Labor say that the position of a graphic designer is expected to increase by 3% by 2030 and focus on this career of digital media rising at 13% at an annual pace.

As we have covered the significant basics of graphic designing. Now let’s know the important steps to earn your first penny with it.

  1. Understand the Fundamentals of Graphic design.

Everything is seek able nowadays just pick your device, look for a course, blog and start with it. Graphic designing necessarily doesn’t require a degree, it’s a skill-based profession. Therefore, to start building your career in this make sure you are clear with the basic and important fundamentals of the profession.

  1. Acquire knowledge of graphics software

Technical skills are important for being a graphic designer and give justice to the job. Make sure you can make the right use of the software to make a great infographic. You must be good enough to manipulate the graphics to communicate and convey your thoughts to the targeted audience skillfully.

  1. Experiment and try new Graphics formats.

 Graphic designing is all about creativity and being unique. To stand out from others you should be smart enough to use different formats and experiment with the same tools to make new content.

  1. Increase your visual Vocabulary

This is a must. Give extra effort to add more creativity to your visuals. Learn and connect with other experienced graphic designers to get more inspiration from their skills.

This will not only improvise your content but also help you to understand the market more and establish yourself better.

  1. Make your portfolio

This is an important step. Bring all your practices and skills to a single table in a presentable way. How to build a portfolio? Let me answer it in simple words. 

After you have understood the skills and fundamentals of designing. Just pretend to be your client and make artworks that include all your skills, styles, and your expertise. And build a good eye-catching portfolio while adding all your artwork, education, and other required information to it. Be professional and creative as your portfolio is the one that can make and break your client.


The question was is graphic designing hard? Then the simple answer is no, graphic designing isn’t hard. One must be creative and passionate to be a good graphic designer.

Moreover, once you understand the fundamentals of designing you can soon be a good designer with continuous practice and learning habits.

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