What is digital art? and its types

Art has many forms and is stimulatingly growing steadily with time. From the world-famous Monalisa painting to cartoon character drawing, there are various forms of art and great artists worldwide. Digital art is also one of those growing art forms. 

You can find digital art in most advertisements, films, video games, and more. Digital art is growing a lot with time. There are already numerous digital arts minted as NFT. There are various types of digital art and tools that have made it easier for artists to reach out to a broad audience.

What is digital art?

We all know that the internet has brought everything online, or in other, it has made everything digital. Reading newspapers and writing mail technology have replaced a lot of physical barriers. Similar is the case with art.

As the name suggests, digital art is an artist’s composition made, colored, or drawn on a computer using software tools, keyboards, and more.  Digital art has been in existence since the 1980s, and this art technology got developed even more in 1990 and is continuing till now.

In recent years digital arts has offered a lot of freedom to users by providing interactive and engaging tools. What differentiates digital art from traditional art is the process and the vision and message that the art communicates. Digital skills have an eye-catching and creative environment. No doubt why they are so popular in the marketing and advertising industry.

Types of digital art

The concept of digital arts is clear and straightforward from the definition perspective. Any art made using technology is called digital art. Now let’s look over six basic types of digital art.

  1. Digital photography

Photography in art? Would you be getting mixed feelings regarding this right? Ok, let us clear it up. Photography is a kind of art or painting created by light onto a digital sensor. Hence, digital photography is also counted under digital art.

Digital and traditional photography are the same, but what differentiates them is that the film in the camera’s rear is replaced by an electronic sensor, as the fact that they work similarly.  The electronic sensor helps to get better grain quality and sucks in more light compared to film; therefore, the results get even better. There are furthermore benefits of digital photography. And most experts suggest that digital photography is great for beginners.

  1. Digital painting

The name says it all. An art or painting established by a computer, graphics, or any software tool is called Digital painting. Digital painting is spreading its popularity in recent years as it has given most traditional painting tools and experience in one place at a limited cost.

Digital art software allows artists to do 2D paintings and drawings with the help of their unique tools and techniques. To a certain extent, you can say that digital image has everything like traditional paintings or drawings except their physical presence. The software offer users to alter their brushes, shape, texture, and more. You can also choose your painting style, like oils, acrylics, etc.

Digital paintings are used by both professionals and amateur artists. The layers, mask, and shape make it more convenient and accessible for them. And the undo function has significance for artists. Suppose they go wrong, no worries. You can undo them or save them for the next day.

  1. Computer graphics

An art established by technical or scientific research and programming in computers is called computer graphics. Computer graphics also involve the creation and manipulation of data in the form of images.

Graphic designing and computer graphics have similar features, but the fact that differentiates is technical skills and dimensions. Computer graphics are used to make 2D and 3D measurement art which also needs technical knowledge. At the same time, graphic designing is limited to 2D pictures and requires only artistic skills. If you are interested to know more about graphics designing we can help you by quick guide

  1. Photo painting 

 Photo painting, also well known as photorealism, is a straightforward kind of painting genre. In photo painting, an artist chooses a picture and attempts to copy or reproduce the same image again and keep it as accurate as possible. Now, when we talk about photo painting in the form of digital art, the artist tries to make the same picture digitally. It sounds complex, but there are various software and tools available for you to make it simple and even more straightforward.

  1. Algorithms and Fractals

An Art established in computers by mathematical calculation and geometric patterns is called fractal art.  

Most of such art tries to mimic already exciting things in nature by using small or large different shapes and patterns repeatedly. Mandala art is the best example of algorithms and Fractals art.

  1. Projection mapping

Projection mapping is a form of art we have noticed in our everyday life without recognizing it. This art form doesn’t need artistic skills but requires technical skills to a bit of an extent—the art of creating visual displays on 3D models by using multiple projectors simultaneously. The projection can be any image, animation, or video.

How to learn digital arts?

Digital arts are complicated to learn. An artist needs both technical knowledge and artistic skills to get good results. To start with digital art, you need two essential pieces of equipment which are:-

  1. Device

You can use the device at your convenience. It can be a laptop, tablet, or even your smartphone. However, laptops and tablets are considered more convenient due to their large screens and better performance. While you make a choice, make sure your device supports pen pressure to draw lines like traditional art.

  1. Software

Just like traditional art requires paper, digital arts also involves software. There are numerous paid and free software online with great tools that can help you to make and adapt to the nature of digital arts better. Here are a few apps and software you can use to start your digital art journey


  • Procreate
  • Autodesk sketchbook
  • Infinite painter


  • Krita
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Affinity Designer

Now let’s look over different ways of learning digital art

  1. Self-taught

As mentioned before, digital arts aren’t an easy concept to learn. But as we know, everything seems impossible until we try. You can also start learning digital art by taking paid online courses, YouTube, free tutorials, etc.

  1.  Art school

If you are serious about digital arts, then art school is a great option. An art school will not only provide your certification but also give you better and deep knowledge of digital arts. The certification can also help you to get placement in the commercial industry.


Digital art is a modern time art concept that has enhanced its trend and importance in recent times. Digital art has brought a revolution in the artist’s community and has given one more platform to showcase their talent, that too with seek able accessories and many options.

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