Which is the best way to learn about stocks?- A complete guide from basics

Which is the best way to learn about stocks?

The stock market is the most heard and hot topic in making wealth personally and for business. Money in big numbers is invested in the stock market every day. In which few end the day with profit while other few return with loss and a lesson. 

The most common mistake of people who face loss in the stock market is not being clear about the basics of trading. And each one of us knows that earning a dollar isn’t that easy. Hence, we should be clever enough to manage the risk and investment at the same time. Let me not waste your time and let’s start with the basics of the stock market to help you invest better and safer.

What are stock trading and its types? 

If we talk about stock market trading it is pretty simple. The buying and selling of certain companies’ shares are called stock trading. You would also be very well knowing that when you buy any company’s shares it means that you are owning a piece of that company. 

Which is the best way to learn about stocks?

Stock trading sounds simple but quite difficult to do if you aren’t sure what you are doing. Now let’s clarify what type of trading you can do as per your convenience and understanding. There are 4 types of common trading strategies that include:-

  1. Day Trading  

Day Trading or intraday trading is one of the most famous trading strategies among the youth. In day trading the trader or the investor buys and sells the shares within the same day, hour, or in seconds. 

The easier the trading looks, the riskier it is.  According to recent studies, about 97% of intraday traders lose money over time, and less than 1% get the actual profit. Therefore, Day trading is strictly not for beginners.

  1. Position trading

Position trading is the opposite of intraday trading. In position trading, an individual buys the shares and holds that position for a long term, which can be months or even years. This is one of the most common long-term strategies.

The position traders avoid short-term investments and choose a stock for long-term investment after analyzing the fundamentals and the Market. 

  1. Swing trading 

Swing trading is a strategy in which an individual invests neither for a long time nor for a day. In Swing trading, the trades last a few days, a few weeks, or several months to gain profit.

To earn good profit in swing trading one must be smart enough to analyze charts of an asset, choose the right time to enter, and where to place a stop loss. Swing trading is quite preferable for beginners as it provides a good risk and reward ratio.

  1. Scalping

Scalping is an intraday trading style in which the trader attempts to get small profits in high volumes by buying and reselling the stocks after small price changes. 

What differentiates scalping and intraday trading is their holding time. Scalping is a one-minute strategy where the investor opens the position, gains little profit, and closes it. Whereas intraday the investor holds the position for hours. 

However, scalping requires a minimum of ten to hundreds of trades per day to gain a pretty profit. Furthermore, Scalping is the most suggested trading strategy by experts for newcomers or beginners in stock trading. 

The best way to learn about stocks and start trading?

  1. Read books and articles

An easy and affordable way to learn about the stock market is by reading books related to it. You can also read the life story of a few inspirational people or any other similar topic. Browse online about the most relevant and 

Interesting books that have easy language and clear all important topics. Besides this, you can also ask your peers to recommend good books to you.

Furthermore, read articles and blogs. Numerous blogs and sites publish interesting and deep insights into the stock market. Articles are the best place to understand the story of famous stock market investors like Warren Buffett and more.

  1. Follow mentor

The share market is a big universe and quite challenging as you should take every step carefully. The mentor can be anyone from your family, office, or friends. Just make sure they are experienced in the stock market and ready to answer and clear all your queries. 

  1. Look for an online course

If you are interested in investing, you can look for online courses or short-term workshops that are conducted by influencers, stock market experts, traders, etc. Such classes give you real-time and logical knowledge which can help you understand how the stock market works and what “not” do. 

  1. Analyze the market

Technical and fundamental analysis is important before making any kind of trade. Hence, learn to study and notice the charts. Most traders ignore this part and least survive in the Market as this is the of the best way to learn about stocks.

A good knowledge of technical analysis can help you to do price predictions and you can trade more wisely compared to others. The longer the time interval you study the chart the better you find opportunities you will be way more clear about when entering and exit from the Market.

  1. Stay updated with news

From weather or climate changes to strikes in the country, everything hampers the economy.  Staying updated on news and current affairs can give you a lot of information without any expense. Just depending on a single source of information isn’t enough to be good and win the trading game. You must be smart to look at every aspect of financial change. 

  1. Practice

Yes, you read it right practice. When I have written the word practice you don’t need to worry about any kind of financial risk. Our technology has developed enough to make everything even easier.

There are many apps and sites available online which allow you to get real-time market status and offer you to do dummy buying and selling decisions.  These apps also provide your performance record based on your decisions as most of them also use a stock market simulator that gives you experience like an actual stock market exchange.

  1. Begin trading

We can never say that when you are ready to start trading and take financial risks. But once you are sure about the kind of trading you want to invest in. You can preferably start trading.

Which is the best way to learn about stocks?

Extra tip:-  Don’t forget to get your Demat account opened by a good online stock broker. This is basic information that you would be knowing already.

Besides this, always be careful while trading as the stock market is subject to financial risk. Think twice before making any move. And also never take any random online groups or inexperienced people’s advice seriously as they may land you in big trouble. learn and invest accordingly as this of The best way to learn about stocks

Conclusion of The best way to learn about stocks

Mastering the stock market can put your money on duty to earn. But mastering the stock market isn’t a piece of cake. We have covered all the important topics you must know and learn before taking your first step. However, theoretical knowledge is never enough to make a big change. Practice, take risks, and move on. 

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