What Are Some Must – Have Android Apps ?

What Are Some Must-have Android Apps ?- 10 must-have Android Apps in 2023

Are you looking for the best Android apps to fully use your phone? If yes, then we have covered it all for you. When we open the Play Store, we can find numerous apps listed under “Most popular” and “suggested for you,” but are they all worth it? Well, not really.

Today in this blog, we have brought the best apps to make your 2023 convenient and effortless. We tried to get apps from every category on the table for you. These apps will not only increase the functionality of the phone but also help you to improve your health, optimize time, and more.

Besides this, we have also not mentioned essential apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Snapchat, and Netflix in the list, as these are familiar to most of us.  Now let’s not take much time and start our list, and tell you What Are Some Must-have Android Apps for your convenience.

10 Must-have Apps For Your Android Phone 

  1. DuckDuckGo 

DuckDuckGo is an independent search engine that is popular for its privacy. If you are tired of annoying advertisements you get based on your browsing, then DuckDuckGo is right for you. 

Google has access to your data through Gmail id, Gmaps, and more. Google uses this information to earn and sell data to multiple sites.  DuckDuckGo has brought a big revolution in search engines as it prioritizes users’ privacy to every extent.

DuckDuckGo is growing its popularity among the youth, and there are about 80 million users around the globe. This is because It is a safe browsing platform. And provides easy access to various sites and clears your browsing history in just a few clicks.

Category:- Browser

Subscription:- Free to use

  1. Focus To-Do 

While looking for apps to make the most of our android phones, how can we miss adding productivity apps? Hence, Focus To-Do is on our list.

If you are a person who likes to organize and prioritize your daily work, then this Pomodoro app is helpful for you. This has a straightforward and attractive interface and allows you to set up time and tasks by categorizing and customizing through color coordination. Focus To-Do is available for both iOS and Android handsets. 

Category:- Productivity

Subscription:- Free and in-app purchases for additional functions.

  1. Dashlane 

Bad at remembering passwords? Nothing new; everyone is terrible at it. Keeping this in mind, we have brought a secure and encrypted app called Dashlane for you. 

Smartphones are now not limited to only social media sites and calls. It has a lot of confidential information like banking, health, officials, etc. Hence, keeping all that safety is essential. 

Dashlane is an Android app that can help you to save, create, and autofill your passwords and username in just a few seconds. Furthermore, Dashlane gives access to data only to you through a master key. Dashlane is one of ye safest and most suggested password managers.

Category:- Security

Subscription:- Free + 30 days trial of premium membership.

  1.  Super 16

The 4th app on our list is for photographers. You would already be familiar with numerous popular editing apps like PicsArt, Adobe Photoshop, Snapseed, etc. But we are here with a Retro filmmaking app called Super 16.

The app provides a vintage filmmaking experience on your phone through 70 filters and various manual tools.  One can also take premium subscriptions to unlock all frames and filters.  Super 16 is an app suggested for both professionals and beginners, as it has a straightforward interface.

Additionally, the app allows you to edit already saved photos, and the edited images can be saved as 15 seconds, 30 seconds, and 1-minute clips.

Category:- Photography

Subscription:- Free + Subscription for the pro version.

What Are Some Must-have Android Apps
  1. Clue

Hello, to female readers. Let us present to you your menstrual best friend, Clue. The clue is a fantastic app to track your periods and under your body during “those days of the month.” 

The developers have worked on every aspect of the app. The app is entirely based on science and gives enhanced periods prediction based on the information you input.

The Clue App is free to use. However, you can also go for Clue Plus for additional premium features. Furthermore, the app isn’t limited to periods. You can also track other topics like hair, skin, sleep, etc. Overall, Clue isn’t just a menstrual best friend but also a best friend in all aspects. 

Category:- Health

Subscription:- Free to use.

  1. Fitbit 

I guess you would already be familiar with this name; if not, we are here to make you aware. Fitbit is a popular fitness tracking app that helps you to track basic stats and help you to get better with time.

This app works best if connected to any smartwatch, Fitbit product, or Fitbit tracker. And the app provides you with information about your workouts, sleep, nutrition, stress, and more in a single app.

If you are health conscious, you shouldn’t miss this app. Fitbit offers excellent food tools, sleep tools, Audio tracks, and videos to ultimately bring transformation and manage your life in terms of health.

Category:- Fitness

Subscription:- Free + free 90 days premium version for personalized guidance.

  1. Pocket

The 7th App in our list is for readers, especially those who like to bookmark content to read later. This app gives you the experience of a personal customized search engine.

Many times while browsing online, we find great blogs or articles. But we don’t have to go through it. Therefore, we either copy the link and paste it somewhere or try to search for the same article later. However, both ways are hectic. And that’s where the Pocket App comes to help.

Pocket helps you to bookmark blogs online with a single button, and you can categorize stars and archive the blogs whenever you want. Furthermore, the app allows you to customize the font and text size of the blog for better readability. 

Isn’t it crazy? What we liked the most about this app is its Audio playback option. Which means you can also listen to blogs you have saved.

Category:- Reading

Subscription:- Free + premium version for additional functions.

  1. Nova Launcher

Let’s look over a little bit on the customization of your phone. And for this, we have the known app called Nova Launcher. Nova is one of the oldest and most trusted customization apps.

The app has both free and paid tools. However, most people agree that the free version is very advanced and doesn’t require the premium one. Nova Launcher is loved even by me, as it allows me to play with the icons, app dock, app drawer, and more. 

Category:- Customization

Subscription:- Free+ one-time payment for additional features.

  1. Skyscanner

Suppose you are a person who loves traveling or spends half the month booking tickets for official work. Then Skyscanner deserves a place in your device. Skyscanner is 3 in one app. From booking tickets to renting a car, you can do all this in one app while sitting in your bed and this is the feature why we kept this app in our What Are Some Must-have Android Apps list.

Skyscanner allows users to compare and book flight tickets, book hotels, and rent a car in one app. Furthermore, you also log in with different devices without losing your search history. That means even if you switch the device from desktop to phone, your searched location stays with you without restarting everything from the start.

Category:- Travel

Subscription:- Free

  1. Anchor 

Coming to the end of the list, the last app on our list is Anchor. We mainly covered all essential and daily use categories leaving music/podcast. Did you notice? So, not neglecting that, we have added Anchor. 

Anchor isn’t a music or podcast streaming app, but it is a podcast-creating app. In recent years, especially after the pandemic, the listenership has increased widely, and numerous people are looking to create their space among other creators.

Spotify itself promotes the Anchor app as it is user-friendly, cuts background noise, and is way more preferable compared to other apps. Anchor is free to use. You can upload numerous podcasts and share them to stream on famous platforms like Spotify, Apple podcasts, etc., without any monthly fee.

Category:- Podcast/Music

Subscription:- Free + premium for additional functions 


Android is a versatile operating system. One can add and try various apps to make the phone personalized and help you to optimize your time and daily routine. 

In this blog, we tried to answer the very much asked question What Are Some Must-have Android Apps from different categories to make your phone convenient for your profession, hobby, job, and more.

Besides convenience, we should pay attention to the security of the apps. Hence, never download any third-party apps until you know they are secure.

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