What exactly is digital marketing?

What exactly is digital marketing? And Its Types

Social media platforms were initiated merely for entertainment and communication purposes. But today’s date, they play a very vital role in marketing and businesses. You can now see that no matter which category a company comes from, they have their official accounts on social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

And it’s all because of digital marketing or internet marketing. Not only Social media platforms but also other digital spaces like websites, online magazines, etc., have made it easier for businesses to reach and interact with their targeted audience. But how? It’s through digital marketing. 

Generally, digital marketing is a perfect topic to discuss as it’s a modern technique to reach out to customers, nowadays people are much interested in digital marketing and wanna know What exactly is digital marketing badly. So Let’s not waste time and jump to what exactly digital marketing is, how it benefits us, and know its types.

What Is Digital Marketing?

The Internet has brought everything into our hands. The increased adoption of mobile phones has brought even businesses and enterprises to the internet. The strategies which these businesses use to promote, connect and interact about their products with the audience by use of digital technology is called digital marketing.

Digital marketing isn’t only about promotions on social media platforms; it includes email, sms, podcasts, and everything that comes under the use of the internet and digital technology. Digital marketing has framed marketing strategies in a new way. 

What exactly is digital marketing

Compared to traditional marketing, digital marketing strategies give more access and control to businesses as it provides a platform for companies and enterprises to connect and interact with customers, hope you got the relevant answer to your question What exactly is digital marketing. Let’s take a step further and briefly know the benefits of digital marketing.

Benefits Of Digital Marketing

As you are clear with digital marketing, now let’s understand the reasons behind its popularity and high peak adoption in this digital era.

  1. Reach

Businesses love digital marketing very much because of its reach. Being on a digital platform helps the company to reach out not only to local but also to the global audience regardless of boundaries and any extra charges.

In traditional marketing, reaching out to a global audience is complex and challenging in finance, labor, etc. Besides, the advantage of global reach digital marketing has made a lot of improvement in local visibility too.  Digital marketing offers strategies like locally targeted ads, SEO, etc., to reach people as per the business choice.

  1. Expense

Digital marketing halves your expenses compared to traditional marketing and works more efficiently.  We have already discussed how digital marketing helps reach a global audience without extra cost. 

Similarly, digital marketing is entirely based on the internet and the apps, and the features we use in our daily routine. Marketing strategies like social media marketing, email marketing, etc., may cost you nothing besides time and effort. However, it may cost you a bit, only if you hire an expert.

Overall in terms of expenses, digital marketing is way more helpful and budget friendly. We can also say that you can start promoting your product without investing even a penny in marketing through social media.

  1. Targeting

Digital marketing is efficient and strict when it comes to targeting an audience. Digital marketing provides tools that can analyze the performance of your product on the internet and let you know what kind of audience you attract, how, and when. From the right time to the correct type of posting, digital marketing can eventually improve your business’s perspective among the audience.

Once you are transparent with your target audience, digital marketing comes with many strategies, like SEO, pay-per-click, etc., to attract the desired customers. Digital marketing helps to understand the audience’s behavior and customize your output accordingly.  


Just like every business has different products and goals. They require other marketing strategies; here are the six most commonly practiced digital marketing strategies.

What exactly is digital marketing
  1. SEO 

As we know, the world is currently dependent on the internet, and according to research, approximately 8.5 billion searches are done on Google daily. Now, what if I say these searches can help you to gain customers for your product?

Yes, And this is possible through a digital marketing strategy called SEO. You would already be familiar with this word. Hence, we don’t need to put much stress on this. Let’s understand SEO briefly.

SEO stands for ” Search Engine Optimization.” It is a technique used to market your website in such a way that it will rank in the top positions of search engines, thereby increasing the visibility of your product among mass audiences.

SEO is one most commonly practiced digital marketing strategies. It plays a vital 

role in the visibility and creating space on the internet.

  1. Email marketing:-

E-mail is the first means of Digital communication and is one of the most used marketing strategies. Despite the existence of social media and chatting apps, people still use email for communicating. Therefore, there are about 4.5 billion everyday email users.

That’s why email marketing is one of the favorite strategies of businesses. 

Email marketing is strategy business promoters use to send messages to the masses promoting their products and offers to create better sales and increase website traffic. And it is also proven by a survey that about 59% of the audience was influenced through emails to make their shopping decisions.

  1. Social media marketing:-

Presently everyone has a social media account regardless of their profession, age, hobby, etc. And businesses and enterprises are Also moving towards social media audiences for their profit.

Businesses and companies use social media for marketing their products, and this strategy of marketing is called social media marketing. Now let’s understand what social media marketing is in simpler words.

When Businesses and companies use social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc., to promote and generate their brand awareness is called social media marketing.  

Social media marketing can be done in various forms, like creating creative content, running ads in between posts, etc.

  1. Affiliate marketing:- 

Affiliate marketing is a digital marketing model in which the affiliate earns a commission for marketing a company or product.

Affiliate marketers use their audience to promote the product for which they are hired and earn a piece of profit from every sale it generates through their audience. 

Confused? We are here; you would have noticed many influencers or bloggers linking various products in their bio, content, etc. This is how affiliate marketing works; these links help the influencer to gain a piece of profit from sales and help the businesses to reach a wider targeted audience.

  1. Mobile marketing:-

Today there are more mobile devices (8.7 billion) than people (7.1 billion).

So to access any service related to the internet, from social media to making simple calls, the fundamental necessity is mobile devices. 

To benefit from this large user base, a digital marketing model comes into work to promote companies and business products known as “mobile marketing.” 

In simple words, it is a technique through which mobile devices such as cell phones and tablets are targeted for the promotion of brands through sms, mobile pop-up notification, in-app purchase, multimedia messages, etc. And this makes mobile marketing one of the most expensive digital marketing strategies.

  1. Content marketing:- 

Content marketing is a marketing strategy that focuses on interacting with the audience by creating engaging and interesting content related to the promotion product. The content may be a video, blog, or social media post.

In this marketing strategy content, creators use a storytelling approach in their video and blog articles to promote products and boost their sales. Constant posting of content creates more media visibility and creates leads to attract potential customers.

Content marketing strategy appropriately executed can be a crucial principle in creating brand awareness.


Digital marketing is leaving behind the traditional marketing strategy. And to a certain extent, it is correct, too . As everything is growing and developing with technology, why not marketing strategies? 

The influence of digital marketing can be noticed in every industry, and it is helpful for all kinds of enterprises and the one constant question arises in everyone’s mind is What exactly is digital marketing . It’s just that one must be creative and constant towards it.

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