What Are The Best WordPress Plugins? – 8 Epic Plugins

What Are The Best WordPress Plugins?

The Internet has become part of our daily life and has brought everything into our hands. Therefore, businesses and enterprises try to make the best use of this online audience to create them into their customers through websites.

As websites play as salesmen one must make sure that it has all essential features. Websites interface, looks, search engines everything can affect your business. Today in this blog we help you to find WordPress plugins to make your website more interactive and customer friendly.

What are WordPress plugins?

Before we look over the best WordPress plugins let’s briefly understand what WordPress plugins are.

WordPress plugins are applications that allow the user to add new features and functions to WordPress sites.

Plugins are created by individual developers and companies to meet their requirements. In case they are not satisfied with the default features of WordPress. And want to enhance and customize their websites better.

What Are The Best WordPress Plugins?

The WordPress API consists of a set of tools in it through which developers can customize the existing working of the WordPress and add their functionalities. And these additional functionalities created by website holders are known as plugins.

There are various plugins available online, which can be opted for, by anyone who wants. However, they might be paid or unpaid depending upon the owner of the plug-in.

8 best WordPress plugins for you

After clearing up what WordPress plugins are, now let’s take a look at the 8 best WordPress plugins you can try for your website.

  1. UpdraftPlus

Data is a key performer in a website. Everyone prefers to avoid accidental deletion related to it. So as a precaution we can use the UpdraftPlus plugin to keep our data safe.

According to a survey, every year $ 1.7 trillion is lost globally due to data loss. Websites being hacked or any other malware attacks are the best example of the cause of data deletion scenarios.

Backup is the major solution to this problem and it is the first layer of security. But websites built with WordPress do not consist of built-in backup solutions. Hence, you can opt for an UpdraftPlus for it.

Through the use of UpdraftPlus, we can plan our automatic backup solution and it also helps in restoring the data if an accident occurs. Then the backup can be stored on multiple platforms such as G-Drive, Dropbox, etc.

  1. SearchWP

SearchWP is an advanced search plugin for WordPress by the use of this site, the search can be improved, and visitors can quickly find what they are looking for.

The default search is good in WordPress. But SearchWP is more advanced and can help you to understand your visitor’s behavior better. Besides general searches, SearchWP can even find textfiles, PDF documents, Custom posts, and more.

Additionally, it provides the liberty to adjust the search algorithm without programming. And besides this, this plugin also offers a tracker which will store data of searches made by the visitor. And this data can help us to improvise our website and create more related content.

  1. PushEngage 

One of the major key points in keeping traffic on a website is by alerting the visitors about the content updates on the site. PushEngage is the right plugin for this work, it is basically a Web push notification plugin for WordPress that can be used to send targeted messages to website visitors through push notifications.

It has features such as drip campaigns, opt-in reminders, powerful analytics, and many more.

This plugin is most suitable for product-selling websites, as it can be used to send discount alerts, sale alerts, and more.

Websites with blogging content can use this for sending alerts regarding new blog posts. PushEngage works efficiently on all website builder platforms and isn’t limited to only WordPress. 

  1. Sucuri 

On digital platforms, the major concern is security and it is also the top priority of business owners. Sucuri has developed a plugin for WordPress regarding security issues, it is a plugin as well as a web app firewall that offers protection to the site.

Sucuri monitors and protects the website from various cyber attacks such as Denial of services attacks, malware attacks, cross-site scripting attacks, etc. Sucuri automatically adds a CDN layer too that boosts the speed of the website. There are various other plugins available online for security purposes but none of them provide enough reliability like Sucuri. 

  1. Memberpress 

If you are planning to create a website that has subscription-based access then this plugin is best suitable for your requirements. The MemberPress plugin allows you to build online communities and membership websites using WordPress.  

Through MemberPress We can create subscription-based content and restrict the visitors who are not included in the subscriber’s list. In addition, it can be integrated with various payment gateway systems too. 

Furthermore, we can connect it with various email marketing sites to communicate with our customers and offer subscriptions in a few clicks. It is a premium plugin, packed with numerous powerful features. 

  1. WPForms 

Every website needs a contact form through which visitors can communicate with them.

To solve this problem the best plug-in is WPForms. This plugin is used for creating contact forms, subscription forms, and payment forms in a simple and easy drag-and-drop method in a WordPress website.

WPForms is integrated with all the widely used payment platforms and can be used to form cutting-edge forms in no time. Furthermore, the prominent features include 500+ templates and help you to build conversational forms, user journey tracking, geolocation tracking, etc.

WPF is available in two versions: basic and pro. Pro is the paid version of WPForms that offers additional best features.

  1. SpeedProd 

SpeedProd is one of the best plug-ins for WordPress website Customization. It is simple and easy to use. This plugin is loved by firm owners because one can alone update the interface of a website. 

SpeedProd plugin allows the user to design layouts through its drag-and-drop feature. And no coding is required. Thus, if your budget is limited you can make a good website completely by yourself through this plugin.

The plugin has 150+ inbuilt designs and we can create our layout from scratch. Additional templates are also available for landing pages, sales pages, etc.

Along with this, it also offers a built-in subscriber management feature and it can be integrated with third-party apps for email marketing purposes.

  1. All In One SEO

The main aim behind the development of any website is to gain huge traffic and to be top of search results. And the All One SEO plugin for WordPress websites can help you out with this.

AIO SEO is used for improving the ranking in search engines and increasing website traffic.

Despite this,  by using AIO SEO, we get our hands on efficient tools to boost SEO operations. Through this, we can create content in such a manner that search engines can easily understand. 

AIO SEO is a fully-featured plugin. Hence, it is used by more than 3 million websites. And it is one of the most suggested plugins that every website should have.  

Bottom line 

You can find numerous paid and unpaid plugins online. But what matters is do they justify your website’s niche. Hence, before searching for plugins look over your website deeply and understand what it misses. 

For example, sales pages require a strong search engine, while service pages require a good contact form. However, plugins like AIO SEO are helpful for kind pages regardless of their niche.

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