Softwares To Get Started With Video Game Design

Softwares To Get Started With Video Game Design – 9 Best Game Designing Software For Beginners.

Are you looking to build a career in game Designing? Or are you tired of playing other developed games? According to a survey, about 3 billion people play video games worldwide. And this is a considerable number. Henceforth if you want to build a career in this industry, you can’t be wrong in any aspect.

What is a Game?

A game is a structured form of an activity or play which required certain different skills to play different roles, usually games are undertaken as amusement purpose or sometimes educational.

In simple words game is a simple thing which amazes you and gives you a thrill in playing and make you to experience a different environment in which you can take feel virtually.

Games are of many types like online games, offline games there are many categories based on this.

What does a game designer do

So before knowing what are the softwares to get started with video game design, lets know what does a game designer do. Basically a game designer is a engineer of games who develops a game, in which he or she creates structure and gives a shape to game. During the process of game designing, the designer creates, shapes the mechanics, graphical interface and develop certain rules to play the game, basically they converts a concept into a playable game.

9 Best Game Designing Software For You

To help you in your beginning steps and answer your question softwares to get started with video game design , we have brought the 9 best software to get started with video game designs for you. These software are not only easy to use but also suggested and used by experts. Let’s not take much time and get started with our list.

Softwares to get started with game design
  1. Game maker

Are you looking for 2D and 3D game development software? Then try Game maker; it is not only beginner-friendly but up to the mark. The game maker has power-packed features with tools and editors which will extract your true potential and give justice to your design ideas.

For newbies in the Game development world with no prior knowledge of programming, Game makers offer them a helping hand. It’s GML Visual interface allows them to create games quickly by visual scripting.

And for experienced programmers, the Game maker offers GML scripting. It can be used for writing effective codes to personalize the game more. You can also combine visual code and script in a single project. We can conclude that Game maker is a fantastic spot for developing game design regardless of your experience.

  1. GameSalad

GameSalad is mainly used for developing 2D games which can work on multiple platforms such as windows, Android, iOS, and many more. More than 1 million developers are using GameSalad for development purposes. And significant games of the top 100 in the app store are developed using this.

These big numbers are enough to tell how efficient this tool is. Additionally, GameSalad is also used in the education sector for introduction to game development as it is beginner friendly and easy to use. 

The software comes in 2 suites, essential is free, and pro has a subscription for professional features. However, GameSalad also offers discounts on subscriptions for students.

Furthermore, what I liked about this software is its Visual interface. The software allows you to show your creativity and develop games without coding skills, and all this is with the help of a Visual interface.

  1. RPG maker 

RPG=”Role-playing Games” is a very well-known game-making tool.  Think of a game idea, and you can develop it with an RPG maker in less time. It’s so simple that many RPG makers state that the software is “Powerful enough for developers, Simple enough for a child, and versatile enough for any platform.”

RPG maker runs on multiple platforms, making developers hassle-free from platform problems. Additionally, it can be used for creating complex games without writing a single line of code; yes, that’s the power of this Software.

The prominent features of this software are its simple user interface, Robust character, and environment design. That includes the character generator option through which one can design the game characters through preloaded animations without drawing anything. 

Similarly, the Map editor allows developers to create the game environment from it. Overall if you are a beginner with creative game ideas without additional skills, you can blindly choose this software. 

  1. Unity 

Unity is a game development engine primarily used for developing 2D and 3D games. It has 27 targeted platforms and works mainly on Android, iOS, and PCs. Technically it is an integrated platform that serves as a gaming engine and framework.

Furthermore, using unity, users can access sets of resources such as tools and assets and connect with a vast online community. In short, while developing a game using unity, the developers don’t need to integrate any additional software or framework due to the availability of all essential resources.

Prominent features of this software are asset tracking, rendering, scripting, etc., which reduces both the time and cost of the users. Since it is a game engine, it has an IDE for programming that supports C# and Unityscript(javascript).

  1. Flow Lab 

Flowlab is a game-building software that works on browsers. It was developed to educate students on game development without coding.

Flow lab is best to learn due to its simplicity and detailed documentation. Through the game editor, one can add objects and assign attributes with behavior such as collision and rotation effects with its drag-and-drop and drop feature.

Flowlab has its library for importing and editing elements. Besides, developers can add behavior for objects and link elements with game logic, which can be implemented through its flowchart design system.

With the aim of learning, students can also deconstruct any game made with flow lab to understand its development and recreate it

  1. Unreal

Ever wondered in which gaming engine the famous games such as Batman:Arkham City, ARK: survival evolved, and Players Unknown BattleGrounds are made? The answer is Unreal!

Unreal is a Video Game development tool from a video game development company, Epic games. With Unreal, the developers can create video games, make simulations, edit sound and video and render animations.

Professional developers use it in the industry to develop Top-Class games, and even beginners can learn through tutorials on the web. 

The advantage of using Unreal is that this power-packed, fully featured loaded software is free. However, developers need to use the C++ programming language to design and develop games in unity. Furthermore, this software can be deployed on any platform, such as Android, iOS, and many more.

  1. Construct 

Construct is a 2D animation game development software. And its updated version, construct 3, can create 3D games. That is web-based and without the use of a single line of code. Additionally, it provides a facility to JavaScript to fulfill the coding necessity of your project.

Being web-based is the best feature of the construct. Once the game is developed, you can run your project on any web browser without restrictions.

Furthermore, the game engine enables developers to add complex animations. It also has a built-in image editor along with a physics engine and other excellent features that make it best for beginners and experts.

Construct is available in two versions, free and paid; the free one has a few limitations, while the paid one has extra add-ons most suitable for experts.

  1. GDevelop 

GDevelop is a cross-platform general-purpose game development engine. It is used for 2D games and is convenient for everyone as it doesn’t require programming skills to do a project.

Multiple types of games are created with GDevelop, such as shoot ’em ups, strategy, 8-bits, etc. Most of the Indie games on Android and iOS are made using GDevelop.

The prominent feature of this software is ‘event’; it is used to express logic without programming.

In an event, we can specify a set of conditions and actions that should be applied to the game’s object. When the object meets any of the stated requirements, then the movement is launched automatically. Overall we can say that it is entirely logic-based game-designing software. And has a massive community of developers and tutorials on the internet.


 Let’s wrap up the blog, Game Designing brings multiple responsibilities and challenges. Hence, you must pay special attention while choosing software. Game Designing requires additional skills like programming, creativity, and more. Therefore, if you are a beginner, be wise enough to choose software that completes the skills that draw you back.

In Today’s blog, we covered the best softwares to get started with video game design which are beginner-friendly. That can help you to reach an advanced level with practice. If you still have mixed feelings about which software to start with, you can consider Unreal and GameSalad.

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