What Programming Language Do Hackers Use? – 5 Programming Languages for hacking

What programming language do hackers use? – 6 programming languages for hacking

Whenever we hear the word hacking, the first picture flashes to mind is of a programmer in a dark room, in a dark hoodie, coding on a dark screen. Now the question arrives in what language do they code? Well, zooming in on the picture on the screen won’t help you. But we can help you with this.

Ethical Hacking is critical and quite challenging to learn. You can see many people stating that learning ethical hacking isn’t hard. It entirely depends on the learning capabilities of a person. But going from scratch to ethical hacking can be challenging, so make sure you are clear about computer Programming and its terms. Coming back to the languages, Today, let’s discuss the programming language hackers use.

What is a programming language?

The set of rules and instructions that a computer can compile to complete a specific task is called programming language. There are several programming Languages in the technological world. And each programming language has its pros and cons and is significantly used for specific tasks.

Programming language is the only way to specify the computer to do specific tasks and make computer software per one’s desire. Python, Ruby, C, and C++ are well-known, most commonly adapted programming languages. 

What is Hacking?

Before knowing about what programming language do hackers use firstly we should know what actually hacking means, basically hacking is the act of gaining unauthorized access to a computer or computer network. It can be done for a variety of reasons, such as to steal sensitive information, to cause damage or disruption, or to test the security of a system. Hackers use a variety of techniques, including writing and exploiting vulnerabilities in software, guessing or cracking passwords, and using social engineering tactics to trick people into revealing their login credentials. Hacking is a serious crime that can have serious consequences, and it is important to protect yourself and your devices from being hacked by using strong passwords, keeping software up to date, and being cautious when clicking on links or downloading files.

What programming language do hackers use

What is ethical hacking?

Before going further, let’s understand what ethical hacking is and what differentiates them from other hackers.

Ethical hacking is the legal practice of detecting security weaknesses in the system, applications, and computer networks of an organization.

The main aim of an ethical hacker is to find security breaches through which malicious hackers can enter the system and steal data. Ethical hackers use this information to create more security. They say,” it takes a thief to catch a thief.” 

The one who practices ethical hacking is called a “white hat ” hacker. They seek permission to break into the system of an organization. Meanwhile, Hackers who perform hacking with the motive of stealing information for personal gain are known as “black hat” or malware hackers.

Generally, Ethical Hackers not only requires, educational qualifications but also a few good skills like:-

  • Knowledge of networking
  • Information on principles in security
  • Expertise in scripting
  •  Expertise in the use of operating systems etc.

Why is programming necessary for ethical hacking?

The world depends on automation, from searching various pictures to customizing any banner to getting all banner templates in a single app. Technology has made everything more accessible, and the entire credit goes to the programming languages and the skilled developers.

Similarly, in the case of hacking, the hacker must be good at programming to analyze the application and modify it whenever needed. In addition, programming consumes time to identify errors in applications. Henceforth ethical hackers should be knowledgeable and keen to finish programming and debugging faster and more efficiently.

What programming language do hackers use

Overall, if you want to customize, play with the computer’s skills, or make anything according to your desire in PC. It is essential to learn a programming language no matter what.

5 Programming languages for ethical hacking.

Generally, most ethical Hackers don’t stay limited to a single programming language; they prefer to learn different languages to work careers effortlessly. Let’s discuss five programming languages ethical Hackers use.

  1. Java script

Java script is well-known for its use in web page development from the start. The extra add-on features make it more convenient for developers to build an interactive web page.

And good knowledge of this language can help you greatly in ethical hacking. How? Let me clarify. 

The key usability of JavaScript is in the development of web pages. If you have good experience in it, you can use this enhancement to keep various businesses’ websites safe from malware hackers.

Cross-site scripting is one of the most common malware attacks that most websites face. And knowledge of JavaScript can enable you to reduce and remove Cross – Site scripting issues, capture cookies, and more. 

  1. Python 

If you are new to ethical hacking and looking for a language to start your journey, then take a look at python. It is a high-level programming language gaining fame among developers due to its versatility and syntax.

In terms of ethical hacking, Python offers various advantages. It allows the hacker to analyze malware, detect cyber threats, and more. Additionally, python is an extensive language with several code libraries.

However, the only con of this language is its speed and visibility. Being a high-level programming language, python may not offer the required visibility into hardware or good delivery speed.

  1. PHP

PHP is similar to JavaScript; both are used to generate the web page content. But what differentiates PHP and makes it more helpful for ethical hackers is its connection with the server. PHP reads and collects data from the server. Henceforth, server hacking programs get more accessible with the help of PHP programming.

In addition, the key features of PHP, like multi-paradigm, functional imperative, etc., help ethical hackers to break into the system ethically.

  1. SQL 

SQL or structured Query language attacks are commonly heard in cyber attack issues, which most malware attackers do. What happens in this attack?

SQL injection or SQL attack allows the block hat hackers to enter the system and destroy, change or manipulate the database. In other words, they can completely take over our database without extra hard work.

Additionally, hackers who are SQL experts don’t require much effort to attack web apps built on SQL servers, Oracle extra. As the reason for this, web apps built on these platforms are more vulnerable to SQL injection. Furthermore, SQL-made commands have a powerful impact on these vulnerable apps. Black hat hackers can easily conquer the business’s database by typing complex SQL code in search or register fields.

The white hat hacker or the ethical hacker can’t always be one step further than the malware attackers, but they can at least be equal to them. Hence, a good knowledge of SQL is essential to keep databases safe from SQL injection.

  1. C/ C++

Hackers always don’t attack the database. Sometimes they might come with intentions to destroy your low-level components like RAM. And C is the middle-level procedural programming language that is most convenient for hackers to enter the security system.

Nowadays, the adaptation of the C language is widely trending among many modern systems. For instance, Windows, Unix, etc., are built on C programs. Henceforth, knowledge of C language is essential for idol ethical hackers to not only keep the system safe but also evaluate the faults faster.

Now let’s move to C++ is similar to its parent language, C but has extra Object-oriented features. C++’s strength is its speed; it allows ethical hackers to write codes faster and more efficiently. 

And it can also be disadvantageous if the hacker is new or not yet adapted to C++  because C++ has a quick processing system. Hence, one can’t get enough time to figure out and hack the system.

Furthermore,  this language is most preferred by ethical hackers due to its reverse engineering of software as it helps to make the system more secure and efficient.

Bottom line

As mentioned before, being an ethical hacker isn’t an easy profession. One must be good in several languages to justify their job. Besides these five languages, there are various languages one must learn to secure the system more efficiently.

The scope of ethical hacking is increasing with digitalization in the world. The competition between black and white hat hackers has been seen for a long time. And this brings responsibility to the ethical hacker to keep the database and system secure of a business or enterprise.  

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