What are some of the best games for Android?

What are some of the best games for Android? 9 best games for your Android phone

Games have been part of entertainment for a long time. And the craze of games among the youth is increasing day by day. As of now, the developers have made a lot more improvements in graphics, user interface, and more. Nowadays games aren’t limited only to kids. They have a lot more to offer.

And when we talk about games for Android devices, there are numerous options available in the Play Store. And when you check the top list you can find mostly Clash of clans, Candy crush, pubg, battlefield, etc. 

And if you are looking for the best games to kill your time or add a bit of spice to your Android cell, then you are at the right spot. Today in this blog we have brought some of the best games you should not miss. We will bring out games from various categories on the table. So that you get served the best. 

9 best games for your Android phone

What are some of the best games for Android?
  1. ScourgeBringer 

Most of us are in love with action games, so let’s begin our list with ScourgeBringer, an epic action game. This video game is one of the toughest games in which you have to go into the world of Kyhra and help her to explore the world.

ScourgeBringer is considered an addictive game as it has adventurous original concepts with steep challenges. Besides this, what you will like the most in the game is its Visual graphics. The developers have spent going on making the interface pleasing and user-friendly.

Overall if you want adventures, roguelike experience. Then Scourge Bringer can complete all your needs.

  1. Apex Legends 

You would have already heard of this game. Apex Legend made a place on our list because we don’t want anyone to miss this experience. Apex Legends is basically a PC game re-designed for phones and tablets with the best graphics.

The game allows you to get on the battlefield with your favorite legend.  The graphic interface of this game makes it more adventurous and gives the thrill to play. The game offers various weapons, maps, and new legends updated from time to time for the best user experience.

Apex Legends is a game that requires super activeness and quick strategic thinking. Henceforth if you are fed up with those slow, same-concept games you should give Apex Legend a try.

  1. Baba is You 

The third game on our list Baba is you. Everyone ain’t a fan of action and adventurous games. Keeping this in mind we have taken the next step with this game.

Baba is You is a puzzle in which the player controls a cute character named Baba. When you start the game you get a screen with various objects, word tiles, and characters. 

The game contains approximately 200 levels, and this directly indicates that you ain’t going to get bored of it soon. In terms of interface, it is Beginner friendly game with cute graphics.  

  1. Data Wing 

Looking for a casual offline game? We have covered it for you with Data Wing. Data Wing is a racing game with an interesting storyline about a girl. When you start the game you can experience stylish, neon landscape graphics with a story-driven racing and adventurous game.

Unlike other games Data Wing isn’t limited to only hurdles on road, rather the user has to follow the character’s mother’s instructions to complete the game. Besides the story, what else can make you enthusiastic about the game is its crown system and leaderboards. The developers have looked after every aspect from story to sound for the best gaming and racing games.

  1. Crossy Road 

Crossy Road is an Arcade endless runner game that can bring a positive and active environment while you play. The key objective of the game is similar to its name. The player is given control of a cute character and one must move and cross the hurdles in the game without letting the character die.

The default character of the game is a chicken that must cross a series of busy roads, rivers, and more. However, the game offers numerous more options in character and also changes the environment according to it.

The controlling is simple, one must swipe and tap to change directions and move. And one can unlock new characters through in-game currency and cash.

  1. Hearthstone

Hearthstone is a card game that is played among two opponents, using decks of 30 cards. But the twist is each opponent comes with a hero that has a unique power.  

Hearthstone has challenged traditional card games in many different manners. In this game, the user tries their best to destroy the opponent’s hero through different attacks.  Furthermore, the user can unlock various more in-game assets with in-game gold currency. 

Hearthstone is a great game to play alone, online matches, and more. As it has multiple modes of gaming with different concepts.

  1. Epic Seven

A big hello to all anime fans. If you are obsessed with anime movies, and shows, then why not games? Epic Seven is an anime game that takes you to complete a new Universe through its amazing storyline. 

Epic Seven is a power-packed adventurous thrilling game that requires quick response time and effort. The game offers various characters, weapons, and maps which can be unlocked by in-game currency. Besides this, you can also make in-app purchases for more advanced features.

As the game provides amazing graphics one must have the latest version of an Android phone to play the game smoothly. Therefore, before downloading do check its requirements.

  1. Northgard 

We are close enough to close our list, and the second last game on our list is Northgard. The Northgard is an out-of-the-box game that is filled with mysteries and strategies.

This Android phone can give you a PC experience with its thrilling storyline and amazing graphics. When you start the game you get control of a clan of Vikings who are eager to take over the newfound continent.

The storyline and graphics of the game are more than enough to engage you with it. The game has 11 chapters and the new clans keep entering the battlefield with time. Overall, you can say that the game keeps getting tougher with every chapter.

  1.  Poppy playtime

 Last and the most thrilling game. Playing adventure games is fun but have you ever tried a horror puzzle game??  Poppy playtime can complete your wish.

Poppy playtime is a horror puzzle game filled with adventure and gives you thrills with its graphics. The storyline of the game starts with an abandoned toy factory with harmful toys in it. And you have to go through the mysteries to survive in the game.


If we really sit down to list the best Android games, ending it in 10 or 20 numbers will be unfair to them. Hence, we tried to cover the most preferred and interesting games for you. Android games can literally make you addicted to a different world if you have a handset with better RAM. The last three games mentioned in our list are one of those games. 

However, the best games can be different for everyone as per their choice, mood, personality, and most importantly phone. We hope our list gives you a good considerable option to add to your phone. Happy gaming;) 

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