Why Do Some People Buy iPhones Over Android Phones?

Why Do Some People Buy iPhones Over Android Phones? Are They Really Better?

iPhone vs Android isn’t a new topic, it has been in gossip and parley for a long time. But are iPhones really better than iOS? Well, We can’t give a straightforward answer to this question. As everyone has different choices and usage. 

Android is one of the most used Operating systems worldwide with a market share of over 68%. While on the other hand, the iPhone is limited to only 30% due to various reasons including price, availability, and more. 

However, if you are looking forward to changing your phone from Android to iOS or vice versa, let us help you to make a better decision. Today in this blog we will compare Android and iOS based on Various aspects to understand them better and answer the question Why Do Some People Buy iPhones Over Android Phones? in detail.

Are iPhones Really Better Than Android?

Here are 6 aspects by which smartphone operating systems can be judged. So let’s not take much and start the comparison.

Why Do Some People Buy iPhones Over Android Phones?
  1. Hardware choices

Choosing a device between iOS versus Android is similar to choosing a device between MacOS and a Windows computer.

When it comes to Apple’s system software you have only one hardware vendor and it is the prominent top tier of Apple itself. But in the case of  Android, it is entirely the opposite. Android lets you choose from dozens of hardware makers with a large range of prices, features, and performance levels. As Android is open source which simply means any phone maker can use it as per their requirements.

You can get any usable Android phone on any budget. Android has many options to buy from. If you prefer buying an expensive phone you can go for the Samsung Galaxy Fold. Which is much more expensive than the iPhone and gives an amazing example of varieties available on the Android platform.

One of the best features of most Android phones is that you can add storage with a Micro SD card; whereas with iPhones, you stay stuck with the storage limit. So you would be very much clear who the winner is in case of hardware choices

Winner:- Android

  1. App ecosystem

We know very well when we use or buy a new phone, but the thing we do is download our necessary apps. Besides this, we also like trying new apps for better accessibility. And we can get these apps from Google Play Store and Apple App Store respectively.

But what if I say Android provides more facilities? Well, Google Play Store offers multiple apps to choose from and in addition to this, Android OS also allows users to install apps from third-party websites without any issues. While on the other hand, the iPhone is quite controlling and strict with its devices. iOS offers a limited number of apps and doesn’t allow users to download apps from any other websites other than the app store.

Another feature you won’t find in Apple’s store is the ability to remotely install apps onto your phone via the web. For example, if you come across an app in an article while you are reading on your laptop, you need to go to the device itself to get the app installed. Whereas in Android you can simply go over to the play store’s website and install it right then and there. Overall we can say that Android offers more freedom to users compared to iOS

Winner:- Android

  1. Camera and photos

The iPhone’s camera has been a hot topic for a long time because of its clarity, and features, but we can also see fast improvement and equal competition coming up in Android.

Both operating systems have impressive photo enhancement software to make your pictures better. Both can add background blur to a portrait and both offer slow motion, panorama, time-lapse shooting, etc.

Android offers some extra capabilities which are not found in the iPhone camera app. The Android phone lets you take 360-degree photos and it offers a Google lens that lets you search for nearby shops, translate text, and scan documents in seconds.

Most Photographers appreciate the iPhone’s camera, but they also appreciate Android phones as they can save raw camera files from an Android phone effortlessly. Meanwhile, iOS users need to make use of a third-party app to save raw camera files.

Winner:- Android and iPhone

  1.  Security and Privacy

When it comes to security and privacy you would already be knowing that Security is the key power of iOS because of various reasons and that includes regular updates, security patches, advanced security features, etc. 

While Android is way more different in this. As mentioned before, Android is open-source software and is used by worldwide Mobile manufacturing companies.

And this popularity brings difficulty to Android users. According to researchers most mobile malware targets Android phones more than iOS because of various reasons like it’s open source, having the most share in the market which make it easier to gain profit for hackers, used by multiple hardware manufacturers which make it difficult to distribute updates and more. 

You can take a deep look at the security comparison between iOS and Android phones through one of our recent blogs.

Winner:- iOS

  1. Accessibility

Android and iOS have been improving and bringing a revolution in Mobile phones since the start. And these changes can be noticed most in the accessibility of phones. Both iPhones and Android have great features like talk back, captions, switch Control, magnifier, etc to help both physically challenged and normal people. 

However, according to a recent survey people with physical limitations prefer iOS over Android due to various reasons. Besides this, one more drawback Android has is in categorization in settings. 

For instance, the iPhone’s display and text size are in one place under the display option. You can find high-contrast settings in the same place. Whereas, in Android, these are found in “visibility”. 

In addition, you have to go through more screens and make multiple taps in the Android phone to get to magnification compared to the iPhone. Hence, it makes Android more time-consuming. 

Winner: – iOS 

  1. Timely updates

When it comes to software updates Android is way behind the iPhone. As when Apple releases a new update or any security patch most iPhones (6 yr or younger) receive the update. 

On the other hand, Android phones may not get updates because, unlike the iPhone, Android phones are not centralized in the same place, as Google’s Android provides a base operating system and it’s up to the phone manufacturer to deliver the upgrades or not. 

Furthermore, what else makes Android lose this race is the security patch, according to Skycure, a mobile defense vendor, nearly three-quarters of Android devices are running out of date security. And this makes Android more vulnerable to malware.

Winner:- iOS

Conclusion of Some People Buy iPhones Over Android

You would have already noticed that concluding the debate of Android vs iOS isn’t an easy task.  Furthermore, judging an Android phone overall can’t give justice to it. Henceforth, if you are looking forward to choosing the right operating system then make decisions based on your requirements and budget rather than the overall performance and this debate will go on as some people like android and some Iphone this question Why Do Some People Buy iPhones Over Android Phones? becomes constant in some of them minds.

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