Are iPhones More Secure Than Android Phones ???

Are iPhones More Secure Than Android Phones?

iOS vs Android isn’t a new topic, people have been comparing each other for a long time. And no doubt iOS wins most of the time to a certain extent. The popularity of iOS has been increasing with time and so are improvements in Android phones.

Even though iPhones are widely appreciated by people, still Android has made a good space among users. Android has 70% of the market share while iOS is limited to 28%. Besides this, Mobile manufacturing companies like Samsung, Sony, etc. Have been giving good competition to the iPhone in every aspect.

But what draws back Android the most is security. In terms of security, most people advise and prefer iPhones. But are iPhones more secure than Android phones? Let’s discuss this a bit more deeply today.

iPhone Vs Android Phone Security Comparison 

Analyzing the iPhone and Android security can’t be done in just a few paragraphs. Hence, let’s break down this topic into various aspects to conclude in a more specific way.

Are iPhones More Secure Than Android Phones
  1. App store security

We know that iOS and Android have app stores from where we can download or install new apps. And this marketplace plays a vital role in terms of security 

Google Play Store has a big marketplace where you can find numerous apps in seconds as per your preference. While on the other hand, the Apple Store has a limited number of apps.  

Hence, you may not get as many options as Android users. But what makes an iPhone better than an Android in the case of an app store is inspection.  Every App on the iPhone’s app store is specifically inspected by Apple. And this inception reduces the chances of malware apps and security issues. 

Besides this, Android phones allow users to change their settings and download apps from the browser regardless of the Google Play store. This may offer the users even more preferences and options to choose from but most of these apps bring malware with them which is enough to destroy your phone and give a lead to hackers.

Winner:- iPhone

  1. Device manufacturer 

Google’s Android is an open source, it can be opted for by any device manufacturer as per their requirements. Hence Android phones sometimes may go very well with the device whereas some may leave security vulnerabilities behind. 

For instance, few Android devices offer face lock, and fingerprint scanners while some are still limited to patterns and passwords. This directly indicates that device manufacturers customize the Android OS as per their device.

On the other hand, iOS is the iPhone’s self-made OS whose devices are completely based on iOS. Therefore, there are very few chances for them to leave security vulnerabilities. And they make complete use of the operating system.

Winner:- iPhone

  1. Security patch updates 

When we talk about updates in Android phones again it completely depends on the device manufacturer. Commonly an Android phone receives 2 major updates in 2 years. And security patches are given till a certain extent of time.

Whereas Apple keeps strict control over its device’s ecosystem. For instance, if you are using iPhone 14 in 2022, you can get updates for up to 5 years. That means you can use your iPhone till 2028 without compromising any new features. And in terms of security, Apple provides security patches even beyond 5 years.

The key reason behind this mass difference is adaptation. Android is adopted by various Mobile manufacturers which have made a mass market share of Android phones compared to iOS phones. Furthermore, this mass market share makes it difficult for Google to distribute and control security updates on various devices.

Winner:- iPhone 

  1. Third-party apps 

Besides operating systems or phone security features, one must also make sure to use other third-party apps like antivirus software or VPNs for better security.

These apps and software keep you safe from malware transferring into your device while browsing the internet. Additionally, it also keeps your data secure and confidential. As it sends your data in encryption format which is unreadable to anyone who wants to take access to it for personal gain.

There are various VPNs and anti-virus software available online. And the fortunate part is that both iPhone and Android phones allow the user to download and use these apps for better security.

Winner:- iPhone and Android

  1. Source code

iOS is a closed-source operating system, which means no one can get access to it without any valid permission or reason. This makes it secure from hackers finding vulnerabilities and prevents them from scamming any iOS user for self-gain.

While on the other hand, Android is entirely opposite to iOS. It is an open-source network which makes it easily accessible for app developers and Hackers too. But Google has made a lot of improvements to tackle this problem.

Besides Google’s own security research team,  Google started offering payment to other independent security researchers for reporting Android vulnerabilities. This helped Google to improve its OS. And as a result in 2017 mobile security researchers were unable to collect even a single lead for Android hacks.

Winner:- iPhone and Android

  1. Threat level

Android is a widely used operating system. And this popularity sometimes makes it difficult for them. As Android has a large user base, hackers try to find security vulnerabilities in it. Besides this, it is also noticed that many apps in Playstore with millions of downloads contain Android malware. 

iPhones are more secure in this aspect. They provide security patches, are strict towards device updation, and have good control over all iPhone devices.  While updation in Android phones is limited as it depends on the device capability, manufacturers, and more.

Winner:- iOS

Coming to the outcome, 4 out of 6 aspects are won by iOS. Therefore you would already be clear about which operating system is best in the race for security. If we look over deeply Android isn’t that back from iOS it has been constantly improving for years and showing changes in it.

But can you make your Android phone as secure as iOS? Well yes. If you pay attention to minor actions in your handset you can make your phone more secure and reliable. Here are 5 ways to make your phone more secure

5 Ways To Make Android Or iPhone Secure

Initially we started with the question “Are iPhones More Secure Than Android Phones?” But lets now discuss the way to make cellphone more secure whether it is an iphone or an android device.

  1. Use a VPN

The internet is now part of our daily routine. From professional work to personal entertainment we do everything on the internet. Hence, adding an additional layer of security to VPN is important. VPN helps to keep your online data safe and confidential through its encryption format.

  1. Download apps from App stores only

iPhone however doesn’t allow users to download apps from the browser. But Android gives this preference to their users. And this can give you the benefit of additional app options but it may also put you at a big risk. Besides this, make sure you check its review, privacy policy, etc before letting it take your data.

  1. Don’t connect your phone to random devices.

We all have a habit of connecting our phone wifi to surf online faster and more conveniently. But connecting your phone with random wifi and Bluetooth network at cafes, restaurants, etc. Can give invitations to hackers to get access to your device and confidential data.

  1. Update your phone

Android and iOS both offer updates and security patches regularly to the Users. These updates help you to get advanced and latest security features and fix bugs if there are any. But delaying the update can help hackers and scammers to destroy or take access to your device.

  1. Manage passwords

Most of us are terrible at remembering passwords. Thus we just use the same password for all our accounts and let our device save it. So that we can get access to our account faster without any effort. But keeping the same password and saving it on the device can be a risk. One lead can let the scammer get access to all your accounts and data effortlessly.

Conclusion On Are iPhones More Secure Than Android Phones?

Well, the blog started with the question “Are iPhones More Secure Than Android Phones?” then the straightforward answer is yes. But Android has brought a lot of changes and is almost close to iPhone’s security level. 

Besides the Operating system, how you use the phone also makes a big difference in case of security.  Like Saving pictures of your bank account, not adding a screen lock, typing passwords, downloading third-party apps, giving permissions blindly, etc.

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