What Happens When You Block A Number On Android ??

What Happens When You Block A Number On Android? 

Whether you are annoyed by telemarketing, an ex, credit card companies, or any other call spammers, the fastest trick we get to save ourselves is blocking the number. Thanks to evolving technology that has brought so many quick and easy ways to lower our burden.

But what happens when we block someone? Will they know I blocked them? Can they still send you texts after you block them? Well wait! wait! Having such questions is common and even you deserve to know both sides’  phenomena. Today in this blog we will quickly discuss what happens when you block someone and answer all commonly asked questions.

What Happens If The Blocked Number Calls Yours?

Well, when we block someone the first thought we get is will the blocked be able to call me? And the answer is yes they can call you. But as you have blocked that person your phone won’t ring nor disturb you because of that call. Instead, the blocked number instantly gets declined automatically and in a few cases the caller is sent to Voicemail, especially on the iPhone.

Now the question “How will I know if any Blocked number called me?” then the answer is through your messages? When any blocked number calls you to get a notification in your messages. However, they may not be with your regular texts.

How Do You Text Someone Who Blocked You On Android?

When someone blocks you, then it mainly affects only regular phone calls and messages. And if you want to contact someone who has blocked then you can try these ways:- 

  • You can try contacting them on other social media or chatting apps like WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram, Instagram
  • You can try using AnonymousText.Com  as this site allows you to send anonymous text messages to local and international numbers
  • You can try calling the person with some other to confirm if they blocked you are there is a network issue
  • You send them an email if you have their email id and ask them the reason they blocked you.

Can You Call Or Send A Text To Someone Who Blocked You?

As we know people block someone mostly because either they are by the calls or they don’t want to keep any contact with them. But when someone blocks you, you can still call or text them. It’s just that your call is declined automatically and diverts you to voicemail in some cases. 

But when we consider messages you can send messages to the person who has blocked you but they won’t receive them. In case, if they receive it ( as per the network they use) there is the least chance that they will see them. As these messages don’t land in their regular notifications, they rather have a separate folder.

In a nutshell, yes you can call or text someone who has blocked you, but there are fewer chances that they will notice it.

Can Someone Tell If I Block Their Number On Android?

We often enter a weird situation where we need to block someone close to us for getting space or stop their continuous calls and messages. And it can be anyone like our partner, cousin, or even our parents. For instance, if you are in a class and your sibling calls you continuously the easiest option we find to shut them up is to block them. 

And we wisely know that blocking someone isn’t a difficult task but sometimes we end up being in a strange position like what if they get to know that I blocked them? And guess what you shouldn’t worry so much about that.

Well, the straightforward answer to your question is no. As when you block someone’s number on an Android phone they won’t get notified or get specific notifications that they have been blocked from you. Especially in the case of android, you can block anyone without worrying that they will get to know that they’re blocked from your side.

When you block someone on an android phone and when they try to call you they hear pre-recorded AI voice recordings like the number is busy, the number is unreachable, etc. As a result, the blocked number can’t easily realize that you have blocked them. However, the case is quite different on the iPhone. As in iPhone when a blocked number calls they are directly diverted to voicemail after a ring and through the user can easily guess that they are blocked by the opposite person.  

Do Texts Say Delivered When Blocked?

Above talked about calls, now what about text messages? When we call someone and don’t receive a valid answer the first thing we do is text them. And when we don’t get a reply even by text after a long time the first thought that hits our mind is “Am I blocked?”  Well, this is a common and valid question.

So how to know if you are blocked through text messages on android? Do texts show delivered even when you are blocked? Then the easy and simple answer is no. When you text someone who has blocked you on android the text messages neither show delivered nor sent. Instead, it just stays in your messages and never reaches the opposite person. 


1)- Does blocking a phone number block it on Whatsapp?

Answer:- No, when you block someone on your android device, it mainly affects the calls and messages regardless of any other Third-party apps

2)- How can I tell if someone rejects my call?

Answer:-  When you call someone and it diverts you to voicemail just after one or two rings then the person has probably declined your call manually

3)- When you block someone do they know?

Answer:- No, when you block someone, they never get notified that they have been blocked by you.

4)- Can you leave a voicemail if the number is blocked on Android?

Answer:- Yes, you can send a voicemail to an android phone even if you are blocked by them. However, they may not receive any notification about your voicemail as you are blocked. 

Wrapping up

The block feature on phones has become a great option to rescue ourselves from annoying calls and text messages. And in addition to this, we can use this feature to block our close and known people too. When we block someone it affects only the one whom we have blocked. And we can continue texting and calling them without restrictions whenever needed.

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